Helpful Innovation Ltd (Hi) facilitates the process of innovation by combining a unique blend of skills as well as working with exceptional partners. Hi will provide guidance and hands on support to help large businesses innovate like start-ups.

Through our teams mix of experience in product design, development, production, distribution, marketing and start-ups we are able to offer a service that can provide everything from a concept to seeing it delivered and communicated to customers.


Hi uses a design led innovation process to ensure your business is creating positive perceptions in every detail. Hi aims to generate solutions where small, innovative changes will have a big effect.

Hi can (i) identify new intellectual property and market opportunities,(ii) introduce new innovative technology to inform, improve existing processes or create product differentiation, (iii) work to a brief to develop workable product solutions and (iv) develop strategies, business plans and commercial road maps.

We use our design, marketing and commercial skills to refine and rapidly “try, test and adapt” these ideas to generate workable concepts to provide low cost, high impact innovation through an iterative feedback process with you resulting in workable product solutions for trials or market entry.

Hi will create a phased approach to the project, providing milestones in order to ensure the project and associated costs are closely managed and controlled.

Where we fit

Our Services

Hi offers the following stand alone services, however it is the Hi total solution which makes us special.









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The Team

All industries require innovation. The larger you are the harder it can be to find those clever little ideas that will make your customer love you rather than just like you.

As well as our core team Hi has an extensive network of specialists in many fields that can be drawn on for expert opinion or as part of our projects.

Tim Moor (Director)

Design & innovation Specialist

Contact: tim@helpful-innovation.com

Tim studied product design at Northumbria University prior to working for the UK Government, researching and designing new high performance gas masks for the military. All of Tim’s inventions are either in production or clinical trial stage and span across fields from consumer goods to medical devices. He has received 8 national and international awards for his designs and has over 70 patents to his name. Including the HP1 printed flexible sensor technology (http://hp1t.com), he is experienced in the concept creation and development of new product through a design led innovation process.

Andrew Howes (Director)

Engagement & innovation Specialist

Contact: andrew@helpful-innovation.com

Andrew is a mechanical engineer by training but spent most of his career to date in finance and investment. Andrew has raised in excess of £30m for client technologies and projects (mainly renewable energy projects and advanced technology businesses). Andrew has also been involved in the development of a number of technologies from scratch and brought them through to commercialisation.

Mike Howes (Director)

Strategy & commercial specialist

Contact: mike@helpful-innovation.com

Mike has experience creating, developing and commercialising innovations across several industries. With Tim, led the pioneering development of HP1’s sensor technology. Mike has a proven track record of creating disruptive ideas and scaling them into innovative businesses in a number of geographies.

Henry Dinkel

Digital & graphic design specialist

Henry is an experienced graphic designer as well as a web developer. Henry graduated from Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London, one of the worlds leading centres for art and design. Henry has previously been the Creative of a global events business, where he was responsible for developing a brand, a website and all collateral from scratch. Henry has worked with a range of brands including Jaguar Land Rover, Intercontinental Hotels and Krug Champagne.